A downloadable game for Windows

Game is primarily audio based, head phones recommended. 

Every seven years a tribute must be made to the Minotaur at the bottom of his Labyrinth in the form of young men and women.

Unfortunately this is you.

Fortunately you have help

Unfortunately the girl helping you seems unable to carry anything, or do much, but knows more about this place than you. Can you survive a labyrinth where you have to rely on your memory, a strange girl's voice, and a single flare?

This game is primarily audio based!

Move with arrow keys

Space to activate your single flare

Shift if you have a potion

If you hear something strange, it's probably useful.

Someone is helping you, listen to her carefully.


LIghtless Labyrinth.zip 16 MB


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Okay, so the main concept is definitely intuitive, easy to learn and blind-accessible, but the level design is not. For a new player, the maze size will very likely be discouraging and they will quit early (like me). I suggest starting with smaller mazes so you can get the hang of it and only later introduce bigger ones (I hear that you also have to collect special items to win?) Placing such a huge challenge right at the start is, well, discouraging.

Also, I suppose you had a deep voice so you changed its pitch, because it sounds funny.

I played the lathabrinth on stream (33:31):

(Sorry, I'm not trying to be annoying or evil, but that lathabrinth is just so funny)